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This is Book Seven. Click here for the Bradt Cousins' review of Book One.

Stepahnie Bradt: It has been a couple months since I read this, but here we go. RAPTURE OF THE DEEP is typical L.A. Meyer-- it is pretty pointless, but still entertaining at times. I guess at this point I am used to nothing really happening in Meyer's books. I do like that I learned about what "rapture of the deep" and "the bends" are.

All I remember about the plot is that there are Spanish people and Jacky goes in a diving bell to collect sponges and stuff for science. Of course, she looks for treasure too. And of course, since the only important thing in the world is that everyone has a significant other, Jacky is quite pleased when the bum-legged Tink catches the eye of some Cuban girl. Other than that, nothing really happens. Stick with the earlier books in the series.

This book's featured side in Jacky’s love dodecagon: Flaco Jimenez
My favorite new character: El Gringo, a rooster that Jacky buys and uses in cock fights. I am serious. He's not really a favorite of mine, but he is definitely notable. Disturbing, but notable.

Jordan Bradt: RAPTURE OF THE DEEP is the seventh book in the Bloody Jack series by L. A. Meyer. I just read this novel, so it’s fresh in my mind. Sort of. It skipped around a lot and was slightly hard to follow, but I greatly enjoyed the story overall. To condense the story into one paragraph, Jacky sails to Havana to dive for sunken treasure.

The good - Old characters return and new characters are introduced. There is action, adventure, and history, as well as some romance, which takes us to the bad…

The bad - Jacky still isn’t with Jaimy! At the beginning, they almost get married, but then the British navy kidnaps them. Why?! It frustrates me that they still aren’t married. In the first few books, I only read them to see if she got with Jaimy. There is some more cuddle time for the couple in this novel, but not enough. Other characters get married and make love, so why can’t they?

This book reminded me a lot of a story I read back in elementary school, THE DIVING BELL by Todd Strasser. If anyone is interested in further his or her knowledge of diving bells, this is a great, fast read.

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