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This is Book Eight. Click here for the Bradt Cousins' review of Book One.

Stephanie Bradt: Book eight of L.A. Meyer's BLOODY JACK series. Here we go again. It feels redundant, but again, nothing happens in this book. Yet, apparently something keeps me coming back for more.

I liked reading about Australia when it was just starting out as a British penal colony. Naturally, our obnoxious heroine, Jacky, is sent there. This book kind of reminded me of book four, IN THE BELLY OF THE BLOODHOUND, which I really did not like. Jacky and a bunch of other girls are on a ship together in captivity. Yay. Randall joins the Marines, which I thought was cool, just because the Marines are awesome. I still hate Randall, though.

In other news, Jacky is kind of forced to marry Higgins in order to ward off the advances of all the horny sailors who still, for some reason, are all in love with her. There is a mean and perverted captain in this book who reminds me of the mean and perverted captain in UNDER THE JOLLY ROGER (still one of my favorites of the series).

This book kind of disappointed me. Even though I was expecting nothing to happen, I guess I had assumed that, eight books in, something would happen. Jacky and Jaimy STILL do not get together and, to me, the whole thing is just getting trite and redundant.

This book's featured side in Jacky’s love dodecagon: I don't know...I guess it sort of was Higgins, in a weird twist of fate.
My favorite new character: Jacky becomes the sort of love slave thing of a female Chinese pirate. WTF? And meets an Indian boy in India named Ravi. They are both annoying as hell.

Jordan Bradt: I love the Bloody Jack series by L. A. Meyer. WAKE OF THE LORELEI LEE is the eighth book, and one of my favorites. Beloved, old characters resurface within the pages and Jacky is at her sexy, hypnotic, energetic best. Plus, Jacky is all over the world. They are in the United States, then London, then India – for Jacky has been naughty, once again, and sentenced to Australia. This book is a full-fledged romp on the historic high seas. Once I got past the opening chapters, which dragged a bit, I couldn’t put the book down – which was hard, considering it is 552 pages and I do have a life outside of reading.

Two things really bothered me, though. The first is that JAIMY AND JACKY STILL DO NOT GET TOGETHER!!! I want them to get married already, or at least have sex. I am getting very frustrated that L. A. Meyer continuously keeps them apart.

The second thing that really bothered me is that Jacky marries Higgins onboard the ship headed for Australia. Um, why?! It explains it in the book, but still…WHY?! There is even a part where Jacky rests her head on his shoulder and plays with his chest hair. WHAT!!??

Overall, interesting book, but some places just made me cringe.

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