Saturday, August 15, 2020

Treasure of Matecumbe

 Jordan Bradt:  I love old movies, so as I was scrolling Disney+, this one popped up.  My son was actually interested, so we started it.  He was enthralled the entire time.  I was, too.  I LOVE movies about the Civil War era.  

Oh man, did this one have it all.  The movie took off and it kept going right up until the end.  Adventure after adventure went BAM in your face.  Some highlights for me--

1. The opening music is quite 70s.  Love it.

2. Ben wants to go get the treasure.  The Yankees kill Ben.  Um, why?  They thought Ben knew where the treasure was.  Why would you kill him and not take him captive?

3. The plantation they need to save with the treasure is called Grassy.  Yes, Grassy.  That seemed like such a weird name.  Every time they said it, it rubbed me the wrong way.

4. I didn't really get Davie's home life.  Where were Mom and Dad?  I didn't get the family dynamics.  I thought one of the women at the beginning was his mom, but I guess they were his aunts?

5. I was not expecting the Klu Flux Klan and the lynching! 

6. Uncle Jim was supposed to be this total rogue.  I don't get why he was being attacked by the KKK.  Throughout the movie, he was kind and noble.  He never did anything to give him that reputation. Lauriette was more of a rogue than he was.

7. I was thinking Lauriette was going to be a bad guy, but she turned out to be strong and noble too.  I was glad she got with Uncle Jim.  

8. Dr. Snodgrass was the voice of Prince John in Robin Hood, one of my favorite Disney cartoons!

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